Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lions SERVE during Covid-19 Pandemic

Adel Lions Club partners with local charities during the current pandemic crisis.
Adel Lions Club members recently discussed that they have been saving money for a legacy project. But that this is a once in a lifetime pandemic and that the citizens that contributed this money are going to be in need now. It would be better to spend the money on our needy citizens now. We can replace the funds when this is over. The Club decided to focus on charities that already serve our citizens and provide them with much needed funding. They chose to work with the Adel Ministerial Association Emergency Fund and the Good Samaritan Food Pantry.
Kandi Beaman of the Adel Ministerial Association (AMA) explained their mission to the Club: “The AMA is made up of all the Adel churches and it does the best it can to help those who are experiencing financial crisis. We partner with county agencies and other generous businesses to offer relief to those who are most vulnerable in our community. The AMA has provided stranded persons bus tickets home to their loved ones. We have helped people with their fuel expense, to get to doctor appointments and jobs. We have helped with rental assistance, energy bill assistance, water bills, and medical emergencies. With your continued consideration we can keep assisting our friends and neighbors in the A-D-M school district with their basic, necessary obligations.” For more information or to donate contact: Kandi at the Adel United Methodist Church, 115 S. 10th St., Adel, Ia. 50003 Phone: 515-993-3791 (You do not need to be a member of any church to qualify for help from them.)
The food pantry is well known in our community and with the increase in the number of people laid off or having a reduction of hours worked, the needs are expected to go up dramatically. The food pantry can no longer accept any food items from the public and thus can only take cash donations now and most likely for the foreseeable future. Contact them at:
The Lions Club has decided to donate $5,000 to the AMA and $10,000 to the Food Pantry. They encourage others to help both organizations through cash contributions. The Club also thanks the community for participating in the Holiday Flags Program and dropping off cans and bottles in the collection point on the east side of the square after it can be reopened once the danger of the pandemic has passed.

Photos: Lion President Rohret presents $5,000 check to Pastor Julie Higgs of Grace Lutheran Church
Lion President Rohret and Lion Treasurer Bill Shields present $10,000 check to Celia McCollum, Manager of the Food Pantry

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